Scholarship Audition Information

Upload your audition video file or paste a link from YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, or any cloud storage site.

Audition Requirements

Brass and Woodwinds

1. 12 Major Scales

2. Chromatic Scale

(Full range of your instrument from the lowest practical note to the highest practical note)

3. A prepared solo or etude

(Please do not perform marching band or concert band pieces.)


1. Snare (required)

Rudiments (5 stroke roll, 6 stroke roll, 9 stroke roll, 17 stroke roll, Long roll, Flam, Paradiddle, Swiss army triplet, Single Flammed Mill, and Lesson 25)

Prepared solo or etude (Please do not perform marching band or concert band pieces.)

2. Choose one additional instrument:


12 Major Scales

Prepared solo or etude


Prepared solo or etude

Color Guard

Videos should include a 1-2 minute routine choreographed by the student and include spins and tosses. Although not required, students may also use rifles, sabers, swing flags, or other equipment to demonstrate their skill.


Before students are invited to the preliminary audition, they must have a minimum 2.25 GPA, and upload a headshot and body shot. Upload Photos

Technical elements required for preliminary audition include:

    1. Right Split
    2. Left Split
    3. Pirouette
    4. Double Pirouette

Attire for preliminary audition

    1. Black sports bra, black dance shorts with tights or black legging
    2. Black jazz shoes or barefoot
    3. Performance makeup (red lip)
    4. Hair should be neat and presentable

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